Thankfully, Summer Ends

Random tidbit: Coconut milk- go buy it and use it in everything!

Over the last few months its been summer here in our part of the world. And it’s been great. The days have been long, lazy days. Spontaneous movie marathons and sweaty games of tag in the back yard were part of the weekly activities.

The only structure we had was our meal times. Without set meal times we turn into a pack of wild wolves fighting to be the pack leader. It’s all snarly and vicious until we get some food and then we turn back into our regular happy as a lark selves.

It’s been a really great summer. But all good things come to in end. And I couldn’t be more grateful.

The older two are fighting more and playing less. The youngest one is jumping into the fights out of boredom because I have run out of toddler activities on my Pinterest board. (Or I refuse to buy the [insert random ingredient] to make that perfect whatever that will keep my two year old enthralled for hours). It’s getting crazy up in our house.

I look forward to my kids seeing their friends everyday and I look forward to them enjoying one another because they have had time away from each other. I look forward to going to the store with just one kid.

I’m ready to get back to work. To get back into the grind of daily order. With school lunches to pack and permission slips to sign, bring it on. Because when school starts, that’s when I have a bit more. More time to think. More time to work on the gunk that needs to get out of me. I’ll have time for relationship building and serving outside myself. This is what I’m looking forward to.



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