A no good, very bad, terrible, horrible day

Healing is a group effort. Emotional healing doesn’t happen with out at least two participants. So often I want to just work on things myself. I want to just pray a couple times and then, poof I’m healed. I don’t like the mess of wading thru my feelings.

But that doesn’t seem to be the way things are going. Instead, it’s telling my true story over and over. It’s having lunch with a friend and crying in the booth while the waitress takes my order. Healing means having difficult conversations with my family members that are shrouded in grace and prayer. It means going into a group session with other women and recognizing I’m not the only one with hurts.

There are side effects to healing. There are emotional outbursts that cause me to cringe in shame and embarrassment. There can be rage at the injustices from my past that comes out and really inappropriate times. Like when my kids do something that kids would normally do and I react disproportionately. These are some if the negative side effects.

There a positive ones as well. There is a freedom in sharing my story. A strength that comes from knowing my burden is shared with others. When I cry at little things, I think that shows others it’s alright to cry at big things. When I over react to my kids that gives us a chance to learn about grace and forgiveness all over again. And for me to learn those lessons again too. A bonus benefit is that all this process of healing gives me a lot to think and write about.

Thank you for reading,

2 thoughts on “A no good, very bad, terrible, horrible day

  1. lovedandfavored996 says:

    Praying that the healing is final and that you can share with courage knowing God is with you every step of the way. To share is to heal and to find safe people to do so with is crucial. So very glad you and I are in this thing together!

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