Missing out

Random tidbit: I love to read. The end.

Back in junior high school I used to be an introvert. I was very content to just keep my head down and read my book. I liked to fly below the radar. If you knew me now, you might find that hard to believe. As I tend to be loud and obnoxious (to some).

I love to be at a party or throw a party. I like to be involved in activities that put me up front. I can walk into a group of strangers and come out with a friend. I am a people person who would commit myself to doing something every day of the week.

But sometimes, especially lately, I need time to reflect. And I get worn out from the constant go. I find myself holding back instead of jumping in to whatever is going on. This is a season where I am holding tight to my family and close friends.

I still feel like I’m missing out on something. The pull of being out there in the spotlight is strong. Like I am missing a part of myself when others can’t see me up front. Will people forget about me if I’m not at every activity? Maybe they will. If I’m not involved in every opportunity to serve or be in charge do I still matter?

The answer is yes. I still matter. I still have worth. It is not my level of activity that makes me important. It is not being a leader or up front that gives me worth. It is in my Creator and God where I find worth. This is what I constantly need to remember. Where my focus should lie is on my Jesus.



2 thoughts on “Missing out

  1. Renee Hodson says:

    Honest and relatable…thanks for sharing your thoughts again, Katie! You put into eloquent words what I feel and think, but am challenged to adequately convey.

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