Random Note: my husband saw the leaves changing today on his way home from work. In August. Autumn is coming, my friends.

Ten years ago I was four months shy of reaching my one year marriage anniversary. I had heard about a new publication called Real Simple. It’s a great little magazine filled with tips and tricks on all sorts of thugs. I have a complete set of three years of magazines because they are so useful as resources. They also had interesting articles and I liked that the ads weren’t all for perfume and make up. There was some of that, but most of it was for the home or about food.

Also at the beginning of marriage I tried out yoga for the first time. I had a DVD someone suggested and I tried it out. I hated it. Despite training in various types of dance for over ten years, I have never been that flexible and it frustrated me that I couldn’t touch my head to the floor or even my fingers to my toes.

I’m sure if I had persisted I could have made that flexibility goal eventually, but that was not my only repulsion when it came to yoga. I also didn’t like the quiet and reflective nature of the exercise. As someone who has a lot of emotions and thoughts to process, I preferred activities that were faster and required more focus. Sitting on a mat with my thoughts was not my idea of a good work out.

But today something shifted. I have been doing some more strenuous exercise routines and my over-30 body was protesting this morning as I rolled out of bed. As I limped down the stairs, I thought ‘You should do yoga today.’ Then I told myself to shut it. Ain’t nobody got time for yoga. But then I did a google search for a quick yoga routine. And I found this little gemof a workout. It only took me fifteen minutes and I feel looser and more refreshed. The meditation part even wasn’t so bad.

If you’re looking for something to give you some relaxation but still need to workout, this is a great way to do so.


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