Being Replaced

Random Tidbit: I don’t like driving downtown in a big city. It makes me nervous.


I knew the day would come when my daughter would grow up and meet someone, but I never thought it would happen this soon.

It was a day like any other day. We were on summer break, the older two had played pretty well, but the youngest one was having a hard time. Her brothers were playing their Lego games and that meant she couldn’t be with them. I was trying to make dinner. But if you have ever been in a house with a toddler around 4:30 PM, you know that dinner can be, let’s say difficult.

As I was chopping up chicken for dinner, my daughter was trying to climb up my leg. This was not working for either of us. I looked frantically around for a distraction for my little cherub and my eyes lit on the magic black box in our living room. I washed my hands, grabbed my daughter and the remote.

I found Sesame Street on Netflix and this is where my daughter met her new obsession. There is a little red puppet on Sesame Street. Perhaps you’ve heard of him? He has his own show and line of toys. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I’m talking about Elmo. He’s the love of my daughter’s life that she never knew she was looking for. It only took two episodes of Elmo’s World for her to have the opening theme song memorized. And now, when ever she see’s a television or my iPad she starts to ask for Elmo. And I fear that with every passing day her addiction to the little red fur ball grows.

I can’t really blame my daughter for the glee she feels when Elmo comes on the tv. He’s just so bright and sweet. Full of giggles and funny dances. He’s exactly what she’s looking for. Who can compete with a puppet dancing to a kazoo?

At least Elmo is educational.




One thought on “Being Replaced

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