The word on the street

Random tidbit: Cooler temps are back!


As you know, my daughter has an obsession with a certain red fuzzy creature that lives on Sesame Street. You can read about it here. Another segment of this popular PBS show is ‘The word on the Street’. A fuzzy orange monster gives us a word and then goes around asking different types of people (boys, girls, adults, the elderly) what that word means.

A few weeks ago, the word on the street was ‘struggle’. After I heard the word, I thought it was a strange word to teach kids. Kids should have an easy life right? Not one with struggles. But then I thought, that’s not real life. A kid has struggles just like I do. They are just smaller in scale, comparatively. And a kid needs to know how to deal with struggles when they are small, so that when big things come, they have the lesson of the struggle to fall back on. That makes sense Sesame Street, you may proceed to teach kids your words of the day. 

That word struggle also struck a cord with me. It’s not just the word of the day, it’s my word of the week, month and season. It might even be my word of the year. Each and every day in this current time of my life feels like a struggle. The struggles are different every day. Sometimes it’s a struggle to get up and get moving for the day. Some times it’s a struggle not to throw a temper tantrum when I don’t get my way. Some times it’s a struggle to look outside of myself and see that others are hurting too and I don’t have the monopoly on pain. 

That last struggle is the hardest. Because right now I just want to focus on me. So I’m leaning on the Lord. Because he is well acquainted with sorrow and pain. My Jesus is very familiar with struggle. And I know that He understands. So I will continue to focus up. And lay my struggle at the feet of the cross. That’s the only place I can find peace in this struggle. 





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