Feel it to heal it.

I was listening to Pandora a week or so. Music has always spoken to me. It often evokes deep emotions in me. Because that’s what music is for, is it not? Music speaks for our souls when we don’t have the words to say.
These are the words I wrote down to remember. They are in my phone for when I need a reminder.
Songs lyrics
It ain’t over til God says it is. Don’t stop fighting until the victory is won. That can come in a couple different ways.

God is with me and He is for me.

We are promised to be more than conquerors and that we will be victorious thru the blood that was shed on the cross. No problem is bigger than a three day dead Jesus.

Not even my pain or doubt is bigger than Gods love for me.

He doesn’t care for me because of what I do or how well I obey. But because he loves me.
This last one has been the biggest comfort to me. It’s not about what I do. Or say or act. God loves me because He is loving. I can stop striving to “be” a certain way. This is how lavish Gods love for me is. The love is always there even when I don’t feel it. But He constantly extends it thru His people and thru Himself. This is what sustains me. Gods love is my portion and sustenance in what seems like an emotional season of famine.

Thank-you Jesus for your great waves of love that you have let wash over me these last two weeks. I hold on to You and Your Word.


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