Where I put on my armor

Sarah Bessey is a blogger from Canada. I found her blog on Twitter and immediately fell in love with it. She has a book coming out called Jesus Feminist. I’m not sure when, but soon. It is on my ‘books to read’ list.

All that to say, her post yesterday was all about our identity and how we can’t find it in the praise or criticism we may receive. It’s a really beautiful piece and you can click on it right here I would recommend following her blog also.

What particularly spoke to me was this paragraph:

And right from creation, we’ve been called to be an And right from creation, we’ve been called to be an ezer kenegdo, a warrior. We’ve not been called to the people-pleasing life, to the approval seeking life, to the bow-down-and-give-up life. We’ve been called to the peace-making life, the truth-telling life, the he-who-the-Son-sets-free-is-free-indeed life.

I’ve not been called to bow down, I’ve been called to fight. My suit of armor is impenetrable. I’m not saying I don’t/ won’t get knocked down, I do and will again. But when I get knocked down, I can stand back up again. Even when I am injured, I will not run away because my feet are fitted with the good news of the gospel. My heart is guarded with the breastplate of righteousness. My thoughts are guarded by the helmet of salvation. My gut, instinct, is buoyed by the belt of truth. In my left hand I carry the shield of faith that extinguishes the flames of the evil one. And in my right hand I carry the sword of the Spirit. That I can use to parry the blows that come at me in Satan’s schemes.

We are not helpless sheep left to defend ourselves. We are a mighty brood of warrior priest. Here to do the good work of our Lord Jesus Christ. He has equipped us with all that we need to press on towards the goal of His Kingdom work. Let the darkness fear, for WE are children of light.


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