It’s the first day of November. That means a few of my favorite things are happening this month. Because I know you all anxiously await my sporadic and whiplashingly emotional posts, here’s a list of my favorite Things in November.

1. Thanksgiving- a day completely dedicated to the enjoyment of food? Yes. please.

2. We are fully out of any type of summer weather. I can put on my boots and sweater in the morning and not be sweating like a Disney character at work by 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

3. It becomes slightly more acceptable to listen to Christmas music this month. I know some have strong feelings about when Christmas music should begin, and the we need to give thanksgiving its full due. But come on, no ones releasing a new Thanksgiving album.

4. NaNoWriMo or National novel writing month begins on November 1st. Last year I made it to 1000 words. And I then I gave up. But this year I’m making to 50000. Or whatever the magic number is to be a winner.

5. Our church retreat is usually the first weekend of November. It’s a great time of reflection and connection.

6. Halloween is over. The drama of costumes and candy collecting is over. Amen and amen.

7. The movie studios start releasing better movies. Not just redone comedies and horror flicks.

8. This is the best month to travel to Florida. Not that we are going. I’m just letting you know.

9. People start posting things they are thankful for on Facebook. It’s a great daily reminder to be thankful for the things that really matter. Faith, family, friends and food are my things to be thankful for.

10. Finally, NaBloWriMo also begins this month. That stands for national blog writing month. It’s an opportunity for me to get back in the practice of blogging. I love writing and have been quiet for far to long.

What are you liking about November?



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