If I had a Million dollars

Random Tidbit: Wasn’t that a Barenaked Ladies Song? I can hear the gentle strumming in my head. 

Because I signed up for NaBloWriMo and then left for a retreat the next day, then spent the next five days recovering from said retreat and the early morning (i’m talking still dark out) risings of my toddler, I am a week behind in my writing assignments for NaBloWriMo. So now I will spend today catching up. Because I am finding I am an overachiever and like to do things the hard way. 

Writing Prompt Day 1: 

If I had a million dollars and had to spend it by night fall, what would I spend it on? 

Because I’m a practical mid-west kind of gal, I would promptly pay off my mortgage and credit cards. Boring, I know. But that’s what living under debt for the last ten years of marriage has done to me. It’s whittled down the spend-free spirit of my youth and turned me into a no-nonsense miser. 

After the house and debts were paid off, I’ld buy a mini-van. I know, another boring purchase. But actually this would preserve my sanity. Currently, we have one vehicle for five people. Great for our carbon foot-print, not so good for my sanity. Any trip longer than five minutes inevitably turns into a three way screaming match between the toddler, nine year old and the seven year old. My hands grip the wheel tighter and tighter while the tendons in my neck start to turn into springs on the verge of snapping. So a van would be a mental health purchase. I could put each kid in their own seat and no one would be touching someone else. I’ld get a sweet ride all tricked out with individual temp controls and television screens for each passenger. It would have a sun roof, moon roof and could basically drive itself. Maybe I would even get a custom paint job on the van and call it the one-eyed, one-horned flying purple people eater. 

That leaves me with about $850 thousand dollars left to spend. I’ld buy some travel journals and a camera for each person on my trip with me. I would book a ticket and go to Israel. Then I would book another ticket and go to Paris and watch either a ballet or an opera. Next it would be to fly to New York City and watch a Broadway musical. I might take one last flight out to San Francisco and spend some time out there. I might buy a sporty little coupe convertible. It would be red with a white stripe.

Obviously. I might drive along the coast and put my feet in the Pacific ocean. I’m not sure that would all be possible in one day, but I would try my darndest to make it happen. My husband, six closest friends and their husbands would all be coming along. Someone would be taking care of our kids. I could pay them. 

After a full day of travel and culture I would give the rest of the money away. Because I know what money can do to people. I’ve read the Bible, the tabloids and the gossip web sites. Money doesn’t always mean happiness. Maybe that’s just something people with money say. But we’ve all seen the starlets and reality television people who get their million-dollar pay check from their fifteen-minutes of fame. It doesn’t end well. 

If I had a million dollars, I’ld use it to have time with my friends and family. I would experience things with those I love. Clothes go out of style and food goes bad. But memories, those are around forever. Especially if you take pictures and write things down. 

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