What have I learned about blogging

November 8th prompt: Tell us what you have learned about daily blogging. 


I’ll tell you what I’ve learned about daily blogging. It’s stinking hard to do something on a daily basis that isn’t already a habit.

This need to write, to verbally express myself in this public diary has only been around for a year, at most. I can’t honestly say it’s something I have ever fully embraced. Sure, I have had spurts hear and there where I’ll blog two or three times a week. But that isn’t the norm. I’ve always been a starter, I get excited at the beginning of the project, but I lose steam along the way. Especially in solitary pursuits. I’m a great self-starter, but not a great finisher. 

I think my longest blogging run (so far) was about nine months. I was also training for a half-marathon. At a time of day that is usually only seen by those coming home from third shift or single people doing the walk of shame. So I had at least an hour where I didn’t have to make anyone breakfast or a lunch for that day. I had a great endorphin high from my run. I had the time to process all the ideas that would float into my head during my run.  It was a win-win. 

I guess for me, it comes down to encouragement. I like accountability to spur me along. That whole iron sharpening iron is really important in life, and I don’t always have that in writing. It’s a solitary pursuit. I also haven’t put much time in seeking out others who do what I do. I don’t have a mentor or group of bloggers I connect with at all. So that leaves it up to me. 

There is one thing that spurs me on to finish things. Even when I don’t have the accountability of others cheering me on. I have a big desire to hear “Well, done. You finished strong.” Or even, “You did it! Good for you!” I like to know I am accomplished. We all like that pat on the back, the accolade. The badge to put on our virtual sash that says I am a somebody who can get things done. 

That’s what I’m learning about daily blogging. It’s not necessarily about the quality of my content right now. It’s more about saying I did it. I can cross that day off my to do list and move on to the next. I’m also hoping the daily pattern builds in me a habit to write on a more regular basis. Sure, life will happen and I might get busy. But the habit will be ingrained. Something will be missing from my day when I don’t blog. The routine will feel unsettled if that regular appointment with my computer isn’t met. That’s the end goal for me. 






2 thoughts on “What have I learned about blogging

  1. From blogging, I learned that I write for myself and not others. From my writing I learned about about my own thoughts for life and my own personal experiences. Just started blogging for one month, although I don’t know how long will I go about blogging, but I have strong intention to keep this as habit.

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