My Favorite Character

Writing Prompt: Who is your favorite character of all time?


As a book worm and movie lover, this is a tough one. I have read a lot of books and can’t always remember most of them. Since I don’t get to the movies very much, I have a hard time remembering those also. And most of the television I watch is geared to either a 7-10 year old boy or the five and under crowd. So who IS my favorite character?


I really enjoyed the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella. Her character of Becky Bloomwood bounces through life a little bit naive and hopeful, blindly spends money with out realizing there are serious consequences to extending your bank draft, but really has no malice in her heart. I don’t mean to say the book series is all sickly sweet and ridiculously oblivious, but it’s a fun read. And the main character is delightful. I could see myself sitting down and having a cup of coffee with Ms. Bloomwood.

I used to be a lot like Becky. I received these magic plastic cards in my mail box when I was in college and thought it was great that I could go on a shopping spree whenever I felt like it. I worked a student job and could make my minimum payment, so I thought everything was kosher. It wasn’t until I met my account minded husband that I truly learned how much I was paying in interest. Just like Becky Bloomwood has her Luke Brandon to show her the ways of financial peace, so do I have my very own guide to living a debt free life.

That’s who I would pick. Rebecca Bloomwood/Brandon. She’s a fun girl. Lives a pretty clean life and her book series is a nice light read.




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