Five Things

Name Five Things in your Refrigerator right now and how you feel about them.


This will be fun. Because I love food. And my fridge has a bunch of left overs.

1 Milk- There is a 1/4 gallon of milk in my fridge right now. A replacement gallon is on my grocery list. I don’t like milk. I never have. In my opinion milk is only acceptable for making some fruit and cream oatmeal , baking with or making nice broccoli cheese soup. I never really got into the whole dunk your Oreos into a cold glass of milk phenomena. I don’t like Oreos either. Unless they are the chocolate covered ones with mint or coconut. But I still won’t dunk them in milk.

2 Left over pot roast- Sunday we had a nice pot roast dinner. I took my four pound hunk of roast that was nicely marbled with fat. I seasoned it with salt and pepper. And then layed it on top of a bed of carrots, onions, whole garlic cloves and potatoes. I popped it in the oven for 3 hours at 325 degrees. It was delicious. Pot roast makes me feel comforted. I love the blend of flavors from the garlic and onion. The carrots and potatoes get that nice golden sweetness. The roast gets all soft and juicy. Pot roast is home food. Like we are stepping out a Norman Rockwell painting into real life. Love Pot Roast. Vegan I will never be.

3 Puppy Chow or Muddy Buddies- If you have Chex Cereal, Peanut butter, butter, chocolate chips and powdered sugar, you can make muddy buddies. And they are delicious. A perfect blend of salty peanut butter and sweet sweet powdered sugar combined with the crunch of the Chex is delicious. You can even make it fancy by adding more nuts or maybe some M&Ms, but I keep mine simple. It’s our crack, our addiction. Only made once in a great while.

4 A loaf of Bread- I feel about bread like I feel about milk. But I have only recently started to despise those rounded loaves of bakery goodness. Yes, bread is delicious when warm and hot out of the oven. With a little butter and jam on top. But bread is bad for my BMI. Bread is addicting and lasting. Also, it’s poison to my oldest son and daughter. And maybe to the rest of our family too, but we are to addicted to really know. I just avoid it. Easier said than done, but I’m trying hard.

5 Apples- A big red mesh bag of gala apples if rolling around the left produce bin in my fridge. I really like apples when they are sliced up. Especially with a bit of cheddar cheese or greek yogurt and peanut butter dip. Apples are a great snack for all of us. And we can all agree on them. I like apples a lot. Especially the honey crisp ones.


That’s my fridge. Or at least a segment of it. What’s in your fridge?




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