My favorite hour of the day.

What is my favorite hour of the day?

My favorite hour of the day is 8:45-9:45 PM. As much as 4Pm-6Pm are the witching hours, so 8:45-9:45Pm is my holy hour.

It’s dark, it’s quiet. The slushing of the dishwasher makes for a subtle bit of background music.

The children are in bed. The husband is wrapping up his own thing. It’s a reflective time. A chance to sit back and relish the victory that is getting thru the day with three kids.

If I have a ladies night out planned, this is when it is getting ready to begin. A night to cut loose and commiserate with my friends about life.

Eight forty-five pm is my time. Woe to any who come upon me without invitation.


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