Bad Habits

Writing Prompt: If you had one bad habit that you could quit instantly without diff?iculty, what would it be?

One bad habit. Really, just one? Can I get a multiplier? What makes a habit bad? I guess anything that would be a detriment to myself? Or what about the things I do that are a detriment to others? Is a habit bad if I only do it in secret?

The first one that popped into my head was cracking my knuckles. That’s a pretty surface answer. I’ve got some other bad habits I would like to knock out, but this was the first one that came to mind. Cracking your knuckles is a loud habit. It’s not something I can do surreptitiously. As I get older it becomes more of a necessity, because my joints feel stiffer so I’m cracking my knuckles more, meaning more fluid builds up in my joints causing a need to relieve the pressure and so the cycle continues.

I have read different studies about popping my joints. One said it is absolutely detrimental and I should stop immediately. Than a few years later a study came out that said it didn’t matter. Like with so many things, the experts seem confused. Having had a grandmother with arthritis issues, I wouldn’t mind an official opinion on this. If I’m adding to my own detriment, than I might need some motivation to quit the habit.

Because there’s the rub. A habit is hard to quit because it’s something I do every day. I heard once that if you do something seven days in a row, than it is now a habit. That’s what makes habits hard to break. Their daily repetition ingrains the actions and behavior into a muscle memory pattern. Even if I my strength of will is strong, it needs to be stronger than my own self. That is just crazy talk. Sometimes that’s possible to muster up the self control to change a bad habit. Like when I eat gluten or drink to much soda. The negative effects of those behaviors are motivation enough for me to stop eating bread, pasta and to avoid soft drinks.

I’m talking about the bigger habits I have of compulsive eating, controlling my environment and losing my temper. These are the things I need some super natural assistance with. These are the habits that are so ingrained in me, that I need to pray hard and go deep in Scripture so I can replace the lying root of these habits with some core truth of the Gospel. These habits require taking my thoughts captive on a minute to minute basis some times. Still there are days when I fall into bad habits, but Grace is there to pick me up and assist with breaking the old self off of me and replacing the bad habits with good ones.

What’s your bad habit?




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