Beginning or End

NaBloPoMo Prompt: Are you a morning person or a night person?

Morning doves or night owls? That is the question today.

I have lived at the far ends of both spectrums. There were the high school years when we would drive around and make mischief on the weekends. Nothing to crazy, just clean fun. Then in college the all night study sessions on music theory and world history. But those late nights never felt natural to me. There was always a feeling of just trying to fit in with the majority. To share in the commiseration of the late nights after effects of blood shot eyes and scratchy throats. The only way I got thru them was a steady stream of caffeine and staying uprightly mobile. That’s also, pretty, much how I got thru the next day.

Then out of college, I was married right away. I settled into the routine of domesticity and work. Also, the endless energy of the young adult was starting to wane. The corporate eight to five was draining away any vestige of youth.

Even as I let go of that fun and care free college girl and put on the cloak of responsibility that comes with entering the world of adults, I didn’t take the transition to hard. I liked the early rising the classic 9-5 job demands.

I am a morning person. My circadian rhythms have me most alert from about 6am to 4PM. Sure, sleepless night and the occasional long weekend of fun can turn me into a night owl, but I am most productive in the earlier parts of the day. Like the sun shines, I am brightest at the dawn.

How about you? Are you a morning dove or a night owl?


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