The Blog unwritten

Today’s prompt was to write about the blog post I didn’t publish. The one that may have made it from my head, to my notes, to WordPress but never made it out of the que of posts.


I don’t have any posts that have made it to the computer and not been released into cyberspace. I also haven’t been blogging very long. I have posts that I have written notes about that haven’t quite grown up enough to become a blog. Things about religion or quotes that I’ve read or heard in a sermon. I have ideas to do book report style posts and link them up with Amazon, ad sense or Good Reads. But the posts never come to fruition because more pressing ideas come to mind when I make the time to write. Or I just plain old forget about the idea. That’s more often the case.

It’s not about being afraid to post something, it’s more that other ideas come up and crowd out what I thought I was going to write about for the next post. I didn’t start blogging because I wanted to just write more things that people might agree with. I started blogging so I could have a place to put into words my feelings about life. If others can find comfort in my journey, I think that’s great. If they can’t, they probably shouldn’t read it. I don’t mean to offend others, but I’m also not writing to everyone. Because you can’t make everyone happy all the time. There is always someone who will be unhappy with me or what I write. Or I might end up unhappy if I constantly edit a post down until it’s just a bunch of bland blech.


Those are my thoughts on the post not posted.



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