A first friend

Yesterday’s prompt was to talk about my first friend.

Hmm, my first friend. Like a first crush or first love, your first friend is a big one. Relationship firsts leave a big impact on us.

The first name that came to mind was my childhood friend Angela. She lived across the street from me. I remember she was tall. She was an only child. Her life seemed so quiet and peaceful. My home off our kids and two working adults was loud and boisterous. My friends mom seemed to be around and my friend had a canopy bed and all the other trappings I thought were cool and sophisticated in my middle schooler brain.
Angela’s parents were married when we first met in elementary school and then sometime around junior high, her parents got divorced. I remember going over to her house because we used to meet up and walk to the bus stop. I came in the house and both her parents were gone and she was packing her own lunch. She showed me so proudly how her mom taught her to blow some air into the sandwich bag so that she could get the maximum number of chips into said bag. And she got to pick out her own hostess treat. That was a pretty big deal to a junior high girl striving for independence.

As glamorous and wonderful as this new single parent life seemed to be for my friend, I still thought it was sad that she was by herself in the mornings. That no one was there to say good bye or have a good day.

As tends to happen to elementary school friendships, Angela and I drifted apart. I was on a more academic track. She was on a more average one. The easy camaraderie that came with a shared love of my little ponies and Barbie evaporated as new friends and interests developed.

Once we hit high school we were no more than passing acquaintences. Then she really broke the friendship by helping herself to my then boyfriend. The joke was on her though. He was a loser.

So friends. My friend story didn’t end so great. But maybe that’s not the kind of friend I want to have. I want friends who will lift me up and encourage me. I’m grateful that the friends I have now are not the one I had in elementary school.

Who was your first friend?


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