Do I judge a book by it’s cover?


image by semi-real stock

We have hear the adage that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. I think I can safely say that most of the time we do. That’s what advertising and marketing is all about. Picking the write combination of pigment, image and font to catch my eye, right? If I’m not at the library or half-priced books looking for a specific author or title, it’s the cover that draws me in. That’s why I didn’t even check out the Outlander series by Diana Galbadon until someone recommended the series to me. Because the jewel toned cover and crest on the f front just didn’t reach out to me. I tend to gravitate to the hot pinks and lime greens of chick lit. I won’t lie. I like me some Jen Lancaster and Emily Giffin. 

Sometimes I’m right in passing over the black, red and white of the horror novel. I get deeply involved in my books. I form significant relationships with the characters while I’m reading. I have been known to gasp out loud, talk back to the book and even throw a book down in frustration when I am upset at a character’s actions. So horror novels are to much for me. All the suspense, gore and killing gets to me. The same could be said of crime thriller novels. They are to intense for me. I can handle the Janet Evanovich level of mysteries, but anything more than that and I can’t sleep for a few days.

Other times I have been skeptical about a book and then discover I love it and then the double bonus of finding out it’s part of a series just makes my day. That has happened enough times that I tend to be a little slower in my perusal of the book store shelves. Maybe that blank cover with one word is my new favorite book? Or maybe it’s a dud and I was right to pass it over. Until I get past the hard back covering protecting this author’s creation, I’ll never know what’s inside.


Happy Book Perusing!




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