The plan, Part 2

I have heard and read the phrase recently, that a failure to plan is a plan for failure. That is what was running thru my mind last Monday while I was waiting out Snowmageddon, 2014. This past Monday I let you all in on my secret new method for putting gluten-free and healthy meals together. Today we will get into the nitty gritty of the actual meal planning. I’ll include a few links and pictures to make it super easy for you. Cause if it ain’t easy, I’m not going to do it. I bet you might have the same inclination.

In the past when I have meal planned, I have fallen into a kind of rut. Where I will plan a weeks worth of meals, but they are usually all a type of chicken with sauce and potatoes on the side. This can get kind of monotonous, I mean when even the kids are complaining we are having chicken, AGAIN, it’s time to shake things up a bit. My wonderful husband suggested the idea of taking each night and making it a different type. So this is what it looks like in our house:

Monday- Mexican

Tuesday- a chicken dish

Wednesday- Asian themed

Thursday- vegetarian

Friday- Italian


Sunday- traditional American


Mexican- tacos, enchiladas, tostadas, taco salad

Tuesday- This is where my meat in a bag with sauce concoctions come together. They are usually boneless skinless chicken breasts with a marinade of olive oil, seasoning and either teryaki, bbq or sour cream.

Wednesday- We like Asian food, specifically fried rice. We haven’t gotten to adventurous beyond this because we really like the fried rice. Occasionally we will add some sweet and sour chicken, but that’s a pretty laborous process for us since I’m making chicken nuggets by hand due to the gluten allergies in our home. Often times, ain’t no body got time to be making chicken nuggets on a Wednesday night.

Thursday- Vegetarian night usually has us eating breakfast or a quiche of some kind. I’ve tried doing the baked potato bar or sweet potatoes with black beans, but that just doesn’t go over well here. We like a lot of protein.

Friday- Italian is italian. Usually Chicken parmesan with out the breading, or I use some gluten-free noodles and we have good ol’ fashioned spaghetti or some fettucini alfredo with grilled chicken and broccoli.

Here is the meal planner I use. I like it because it has the grocery list along side the menu, I can add the ingredients I’ll need to get while I’m putting the menu together. Again, super easy.

This time, I printed out three of them and wrote what theme was for what night. I try and ask the kids or my husband what meals they would like to see on the menu and then throw those on to the rotation as well. Which is why we have pizza on a regular basis. 🙂

Ok, that’s been a lot of waiting, here are the menus for the three weeks. I’m including links to the recipes, because 99% of what I make is from the internet. Especially If you don’t see a link, I will add the recipe tomorrow.

Week One Menu

Monday-Enchiladas, black beans, chips and salsa

Tuesday- Honey Lime Chicken, brown rice, frozen mixed veggies

Wednesday- Fried Rice

Thursday- Crustless quiche This is from Budget Bytes, You can sub any of the items in the quiche that are not the eggs and cheese for what ever your family would want to eat.

Friday- Chicken Parmesan, roasted potatoes and garlic green beans

Saturday- Mini pizza cups. This is from

Mini pizza cups. Image from

Mini pizza cups. Image from

Sunday- Beef stew and gluten-free biscuits. These recipes are from the Gluten free goddess and simply gluten free.


I hope that helps you with your first week of meal planning! I will post the next two weeks on Friday!







One thought on “The plan, Part 2

  1. Annie L says:

    When I’m staying active with my meal planning, I found it was much easier to do the same thing you mentioned with themed days. It helps to keep things organized in my head!! I love to see what everyone else is doing too!!

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