Soul Work

This past year has been one of the saddest and one of the most quiet years of my life. Some of that I documented earlier in this blogs history. But most of it was left unsaid. By now any notification that would have been sent out from this space has probably been relegated to your junk folder or it’s buried at the bottom of your news feed.

I can only explain my sporadic posting (and even that’s generous) by saying I felt like the work that was being done in my life was something so deep inside of me, I couldn’t even begin to write about it until I had some perspective.

There were soul wounds that needed to be wrapped up in gauze. I needed a rest so deep there wasn’t the time or space to be sharing my deepest needs in a public way. When there were times to share, these were with close and quiet individuals or groups. I needed to go back to the beginning of my faith and release the lies that were binding my faith. I had to learn about grace and trust because I hadn’t understood what those words meant. I had to discover the worth that is mine (and yours) simply from being a human. I am being so lovingly healed and put together by my Father.

Now I’m sorting through the events of the last year and it is like a seal has been taken off my heart. It’s as if The Lord is telling me to share again. For the first time in forever, I have ideas about what to blog. There are words to be said in this space. I can encourage others, love others from a more whole place.

Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your attention. Thank your for sharing the journey.



2 thoughts on “Soul Work

  1. Angi says:

    Katie…thank you so much for your honesty and authenticity. Thank you for sharing it. That takes such courage and strength. May your journey continue to move you forward as you traverse your way to fresh valleys and lovely mountaintops.

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