Still waiting

My last post was about moving. That was four months ago.

I expected it to be fast. That I would box up all the non-essentials and be packing a big moving truck by the end of the week. Everyone else seemed to. We had deliberated over the decision long and hard, sought wise council, prayed, debated and prayed some more. I thought that God would confirm His agreement with the decision by rewarding us with a quick sale of our home. But his agreement with us doesn’t always come in the ways I think it should.

I was sure our house would sell by the beginning of summer and we would be settling into our new home right about now. Instead we are still here, waiting. Watching diligently for the signs that it’s finally time to move on. There’s a whole slew of people who have felt sure about God’s direction in their life who then have to sit back and wait for the manifestation to come. It’s part of our growing process. These places of where we are hidden from the full truth of what God is doing on our lives.

One of my kids favorite books is Oh the Places You Will Go by the love able Dr. Seuss. It’s about going on the journey of life. I first heard in senior year of high school. My AP English teacher read it to us the week of graduation. I love reading it to my kids because of all the conversations it brings up.

There is one particular part of the book that I feel describes where we are right now. Of all the places you will find, the waiting place is the hardest. You will see all kinds of people waiting. Some are waiting for a train to come or a job to happen. Others are waiting for a ball to drop or a house to come. Some are going and some are staying. But everyone is just waiting.

And so we are. We packed the boxes, told our friends. We began the house hunt and looked for the best school. We put on our brave face to the kids that this is exciting and going to happen soon, but all the while we just keep waiting. It seems the only question we ever get is “Has your house sold?”

But it hasn’t and so we continue to wait. Living life with those we love and savoring our little community. Keeping close what is important so we know what to look for in the next part of our life.


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