It’s been a long time since my last post. As in months. Just like riding a bike, some things have stayed with me. Like a need to tell my story. And friends who won’t let me forget that I have a story to tell. Also, I hit the half way point in my thirties last week and that gave me some things on which to look back.

So I’m back. And with me is that old nagging sensation of fear. I’ve learned a few things about fear. I know it has no place here. If I choose to walk in victory, then fear will flee. I’ve also learned that naming the fear makes it smaller.

For my first blog post in a long while, I’m gonna list the reasons I’m afraid to write and share my thoughts. Maybe knowing I have fears will help you face yours.

1. What if someone else has the same thing to say and they say it better?

2. What if no one cares?

3. What if someone cares a lot on the opposite end of the spectrum from me? And then they tell me?

4. What if I disappoint someone?

5. What if I stop again?

Those are the big five. So they’re out there for everyone to see. And I’m punching them in the face.

See you next time



3 thoughts on “Fears

  1. Annette Bannister says:

    Thanks so much for sharing, Katie! I have thought about starting to blog lately, and I haven’t been able to sit down and name what is holding me back. Those fears are part of it. It is indeed helpful to name them and thereby “punch them in the face.” I love it.

    For many years, I didn’t really have a response to #1 and #2, which I think are closely related, but through my reading of various blogs/books/articles that may not have been widely publicized but which nevertheless touched me (including yours), I came to realize that God has a story for everyone to tell and a circle of people for that story to impact. I need to pray and trust that He will use my story in some way, and it does not need to be a hugely significant way in order to be valid. So now I need to act in faith on that belief and just get started! Thanks for the encouragement. Your own act of faith is inspiring me. 🙂

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