A geeky confession

If you started following my blog over a year and a half ago, you may remember that I confessed to being a geek. I love super hero movies. I get into the supernatural. I also don’t mind talking to my boys about their Minecraft obsession to a certain degree. There is a certain limit to how many Minecraft recipes I can remember.

We are a unique house in that we don’t follow sports at the collegiate or professional levels. We have no affiliations or ties to anyone in the Super Bowl except to the commercials. Although I do have strong feelings about unethical teams that are being rewarded. Our family outings usually have a stop to a comic store, book store or Best Buy.

We in our house go a bit beyond your normal game playing household. Actually, it encompasses our entire lives. My husband gets to make board games for a living. As mentioned in the last post, I recently had a birthday and one of my favorite gifts was my new wireless mouse. It’s so little and cute and even pretty with purple swirly flowers on it.

My sons are well versed in the mystique of Star Wars, Mine Craft, Origami Yoda and are beginning to understand the depth and complexity of Star Trek. Our daughter is likely to pretend she’s a goblin over a princess. Most likely a goblin princess. I won’t even get into our annual viewing of Avatar and the Last Airbender. I don’t mean the horrible real life adaptation, I mean the whole complete and wonderful animated series.

We are a family of nerds and we hope that you all live long and prosper.



One thought on “A geeky confession

  1. mike mason says:

    Keep on keepin on 🙂

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