Being there

Sometimes I like to take a walk around the neighborhood. Especially after two lazy days at home due to sickness and no plans. We are in that winter is ending but Spring hasn’t fully sprung middle ground were there isn’t a lot to do. So we take to the streets of the ‘hood.

Tonight as my youngest and I were perusing the neighborhood, we ran into a lady with a dog. And dogs are my youngest favorite thing ever. So we had to pet it. I originally thought the lady was older than school age kids, but then we found out we both had fourth graders. After the initial kid talk, I asked if this nice lady attended church. And from there we found some more common ground. So much that we might even start walking the neighborhood together.

Now, I could have shooed my youngest along after she got her puppy fix, but after moving to a new place I’m in need of some connections and friends. And I could have just stuck with the few I’m making in the usual places of church and mom groups. But I also know I’m not the only one who needs friends and connections. We are all in need of a community. So I took the step to go a little bit past the surface and dive into something more meaningful. It was scary, but I think it was worth it.

We will see what the new acquaintances turns into. Maybe just a friendly face to wave at during school functions. But what if she turns into a new friend? Someone to share this bit of life with as we go thru the school years together? Either way, I’m glad she said hi back and was willing to let us pet her dog.

We have to be there and open to the new adventures that come our way.

What has come up in your path that has turned out to a blessing?



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