A geeky confession

If you started following my blog over a year and a half ago, you may remember that I confessed to being a geek. I love super hero movies. I get into the supernatural. I also don’t mind talking to my boys about their Minecraft obsession to a certain degree. There is a certain limit to how many Minecraft recipes I can remember.

We are a unique house in that we don’t follow sports at the collegiate or professional levels. We have no affiliations or ties to anyone in the Super Bowl except to the commercials. Although I do have strong feelings about unethical teams that are being rewarded. Our family outings usually have a stop to a comic store, book store or Best Buy.

We in our house go a bit beyond your normal game playing household. Actually, it encompasses our entire lives. My husband gets to make board games for a living. As mentioned in the last post, I recently had a birthday and one of my favorite gifts was my new wireless mouse. It’s so little and cute and even pretty with purple swirly flowers on it.

My sons are well versed in the mystique of Star Wars, Mine Craft, Origami Yoda and are beginning to understand the depth and complexity of Star Trek. Our daughter is likely to pretend she’s a goblin over a princess. Most likely a goblin princess. I won’t even get into our annual viewing of Avatar and the Last Airbender. I don’t mean the horrible real life adaptation, I mean the whole complete and wonderful animated series.

We are a family of nerds and we hope that you all live long and prosper.



Beginning or End

NaBloPoMo Prompt: Are you a morning person or a night person?

Morning doves or night owls? That is the question today.

I have lived at the far ends of both spectrums. There were the high school years when we would drive around and make mischief on the weekends. Nothing to crazy, just clean fun. Then in college the all night study sessions on music theory and world history. But those late nights never felt natural to me. There was always a feeling of just trying to fit in with the majority. To share in the commiseration of the late nights after effects of blood shot eyes and scratchy throats. The only way I got thru them was a steady stream of caffeine and staying uprightly mobile. That’s also, pretty, much how I got thru the next day.

Then out of college, I was married right away. I settled into the routine of domesticity and work. Also, the endless energy of the young adult was starting to wane. The corporate eight to five was draining away any vestige of youth.

Even as I let go of that fun and care free college girl and put on the cloak of responsibility that comes with entering the world of adults, I didn’t take the transition to hard. I liked the early rising the classic 9-5 job demands.

I am a morning person. My circadian rhythms have me most alert from about 6am to 4PM. Sure, sleepless night and the occasional long weekend of fun can turn me into a night owl, but I am most productive in the earlier parts of the day. Like the sun shines, I am brightest at the dawn.

How about you? Are you a morning dove or a night owl?


My favorite hour of the day.

What is my favorite hour of the day?

My favorite hour of the day is 8:45-9:45 PM. As much as 4Pm-6Pm are the witching hours, so 8:45-9:45Pm is my holy hour.

It’s dark, it’s quiet. The slushing of the dishwasher makes for a subtle bit of background music.

The children are in bed. The husband is wrapping up his own thing. It’s a reflective time. A chance to sit back and relish the victory that is getting thru the day with three kids.

If I have a ladies night out planned, this is when it is getting ready to begin. A night to cut loose and commiserate with my friends about life.

Eight forty-five pm is my time. Woe to any who come upon me without invitation.


Five Things

Name Five Things in your Refrigerator right now and how you feel about them.


This will be fun. Because I love food. And my fridge has a bunch of left overs.

1 Milk- There is a 1/4 gallon of milk in my fridge right now. A replacement gallon is on my grocery list. I don’t like milk. I never have. In my opinion milk is only acceptable for making some fruit and cream oatmeal , baking with or making nice broccoli cheese soup. I never really got into the whole dunk your Oreos into a cold glass of milk phenomena. I don’t like Oreos either. Unless they are the chocolate covered ones with mint or coconut. But I still won’t dunk them in milk.

2 Left over pot roast- Sunday we had a nice pot roast dinner. I took my four pound hunk of roast that was nicely marbled with fat. I seasoned it with salt and pepper. And then layed it on top of a bed of carrots, onions, whole garlic cloves and potatoes. I popped it in the oven for 3 hours at 325 degrees. It was delicious. Pot roast makes me feel comforted. I love the blend of flavors from the garlic and onion. The carrots and potatoes get that nice golden sweetness. The roast gets all soft and juicy. Pot roast is home food. Like we are stepping out a Norman Rockwell painting into real life. Love Pot Roast. Vegan I will never be.

3 Puppy Chow or Muddy Buddies- If you have Chex Cereal, Peanut butter, butter, chocolate chips and powdered sugar, you can make muddy buddies. And they are delicious. A perfect blend of salty peanut butter and sweet sweet powdered sugar combined with the crunch of the Chex is delicious. You can even make it fancy by adding more nuts or maybe some M&Ms, but I keep mine simple. It’s our crack, our addiction. Only made once in a great while.

4 A loaf of Bread- I feel about bread like I feel about milk. But I have only recently started to despise those rounded loaves of bakery goodness. Yes, bread is delicious when warm and hot out of the oven. With a little butter and jam on top. But bread is bad for my BMI. Bread is addicting and lasting. Also, it’s poison to my oldest son and daughter. And maybe to the rest of our family too, but we are to addicted to really know. I just avoid it. Easier said than done, but I’m trying hard.

5 Apples- A big red mesh bag of gala apples if rolling around the left produce bin in my fridge. I really like apples when they are sliced up. Especially with a bit of cheddar cheese or greek yogurt and peanut butter dip. Apples are a great snack for all of us. And we can all agree on them. I like apples a lot. Especially the honey crisp ones.


That’s my fridge. Or at least a segment of it. What’s in your fridge?




My Favorite Character

Writing Prompt: Who is your favorite character of all time?


As a book worm and movie lover, this is a tough one. I have read a lot of books and can’t always remember most of them. Since I don’t get to the movies very much, I have a hard time remembering those also. And most of the television I watch is geared to either a 7-10 year old boy or the five and under crowd. So who IS my favorite character?


I really enjoyed the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella. Her character of Becky Bloomwood bounces through life a little bit naive and hopeful, blindly spends money with out realizing there are serious consequences to extending your bank draft, but really has no malice in her heart. I don’t mean to say the book series is all sickly sweet and ridiculously oblivious, but it’s a fun read. And the main character is delightful. I could see myself sitting down and having a cup of coffee with Ms. Bloomwood.

I used to be a lot like Becky. I received these magic plastic cards in my mail box when I was in college and thought it was great that I could go on a shopping spree whenever I felt like it. I worked a student job and could make my minimum payment, so I thought everything was kosher. It wasn’t until I met my account minded husband that I truly learned how much I was paying in interest. Just like Becky Bloomwood has her Luke Brandon to show her the ways of financial peace, so do I have my very own guide to living a debt free life.

That’s who I would pick. Rebecca Bloomwood/Brandon. She’s a fun girl. Lives a pretty clean life and her book series is a nice light read.




If you were trapped…..

Writer’s prompt: If you were trapped in a movie for five days, which movie would you pick?


When I posed this question to my family these are there responses:

Oldest Son: Tron, the second one. Cause I could throw the light discs like a frisbee.

Second Son: Star Wars the Clone Wars, so I could use a real light sabre.

Daughter: Stone cold stare of silence.

Husband: Pitch Perfect so I could sing my life out!


My initial reaction was Gone with the Wind. The food and clothing options would be amazing. Then I thought, maybe I would prefer a musical like Mary Poppins or Oklahoma. Who doesn’t want to jump around and break into song to express their feelings? Or maybe even still I would want to go to my nerdy side and jump into a super hero role like the Black Widow or even Wonder Woman.

If I went with Gone with the Wind, the days would be long. There’ld be all that humidity and high temps. Wrapped in layers of petticoats and bustles. The stays would probably make me pass out from oxygen deprivation. I also am not sure I could go a whole five days and not make some speech about the disparity between the slaves/ working poor and that of the elite. I’m sure my practical Mid-west side would jump out and have to question the expense of one dress being able to feed a few families for a week.

A musical would be nice. But all that singing and dancing could make a girl tired. Especially a girl who isn’t up on her cardio like she should be. But I have always loved music. So maybe I could tough it out. As long as no one went all Black Swan or Showgirls on me. I don’t know that I could handle the stress of all the Prima Donnas that tend to come along with musical theatre. Being a bit of a Prima Donna myself, I know it can get tough when egos are on the line.

So that leaves the Superhero movies. All the martial arts and gun toting would be a great work out. All the pent up aggression and frustration I could have from the daily stress of life would be let out in the fight scenes. I would be helping the greater good. There would probably be a pretty big paycheck if I were in a movie like the Avengers or Iron Man. I wouldn’t want to be in anything like Ant Man or any of the other lesser known heroes.

So there you have it, this book worm would take a full on leap to the nerdy side. Bring me a pair of tights and a cape. I’ve got a world to save!



Being Replaced

Random Tidbit: I don’t like driving downtown in a big city. It makes me nervous.


I knew the day would come when my daughter would grow up and meet someone, but I never thought it would happen this soon.

It was a day like any other day. We were on summer break, the older two had played pretty well, but the youngest one was having a hard time. Her brothers were playing their Lego games and that meant she couldn’t be with them. I was trying to make dinner. But if you have ever been in a house with a toddler around 4:30 PM, you know that dinner can be, let’s say difficult.

As I was chopping up chicken for dinner, my daughter was trying to climb up my leg. This was not working for either of us. I looked frantically around for a distraction for my little cherub and my eyes lit on the magic black box in our living room. I washed my hands, grabbed my daughter and the remote.

I found Sesame Street on Netflix and this is where my daughter met her new obsession. There is a little red puppet on Sesame Street. Perhaps you’ve heard of him? He has his own show and line of toys. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I’m talking about Elmo. He’s the love of my daughter’s life that she never knew she was looking for. It only took two episodes of Elmo’s World for her to have the opening theme song memorized. And now, when ever she see’s a television or my iPad she starts to ask for Elmo. And I fear that with every passing day her addiction to the little red fur ball grows.

I can’t really blame my daughter for the glee she feels when Elmo comes on the tv. He’s just so bright and sweet. Full of giggles and funny dances. He’s exactly what she’s looking for. Who can compete with a puppet dancing to a kazoo?

At least Elmo is educational.