No Perfect Moment

I committed to blogging again. I committed to you. I committed to share my story. And I got two whole posts up. And then life has kicked in and I keep waiting for that perfect combination of kids in bed or occupied, husband doing his thing, all the house work is done and there is nothing else to deal with. But you know what? That moment never comes.

This idea that if I just had the right set up. Or maybe if I just wait until the best opportunity comes along for me. If I could just get this one last thing handled. If all those things come together then I will have time to do whatever I feel most passionate about.

It’s all lies.

There will never be a perfect moment without a hundred other little squeezed in moments to develop your craft. There is never going to be the one perfect opportunity with out a hundred other half attempts or even failures. I’m never going to have that one last thing handled cause there are always about a thousand more things jumping to take the place of the one last thing.

I have stuff and you have stuff. It’s about setting aside time and maybe sacrificing so the time is there. For me that means cutting back on how much television I watch. Or how much time I take to play games on my iPad. It might mean saying no to some things and yes to others. Maybe it means I get up a half an hour later so I have time to set up for the day instead of hitting the ground at warp speed leaving me to exhausted to work on my craft at the end of the day. It’s about being at the place that I can’t put off this need to write any longer. It means that the fire lit in me is going to consume me if I don’t speak out. I’ve found my passion, my calling. Now it’s time to get to work on it.

Is it time to start yours?



Easily swayed

random tidbit: I don’t really care for salad. I prefer soup.

I have been reading a lot, lately. Not that this is unusual. I like to read so it’s not to random that I have been reading lately. What is unusual, is that I am reading a lot of articles, blogs, and books that have view points on faith, theology, Christian living that are different than what I grew up believing. This has led me to think a lot about my own view points on faith, theology and Christian living.

When I first read something, I sometimes can be easily swayed. I get all excited and impassioned about the cause or idea. I will read passages of the book aloud to my husband or post something on my Facebook wall. I am not one to contemplate to much.Until I meet opposition to this new thought to be championed.  Which one do I believe? Is this a belief I can adopt? Or is this something I should put out of my mind? Lord, give me discernment I pray.

Because I don’t want to be wishy washy in my beliefs. I want to be consistent. I don’t want my Christian walk to leave others confused. There will always be the constant of my belief in God. That He is my Savior and Redeemer, this will never change. But how these truths play out in my day to day life. That is where I can be easily influenced.

As I sit back and take in these different view points, I need discernment. Wisdom. These are gifts of God to help us understand what He is teaching me. Yes, there may be old systems of belief that need to be challenged and replaced with a belief system that is closer to God’s truth. It’s just a matter of taking the time to ask God which one to choose. What is godly truth and what is man’s interpretation of truth? Is this really a practice I should pick up? Or is it just me getting excited about someone else’s conviction? Just because I don’t feel compelled to practice my faith like someone else, this doesn’t make me less of a Christian. Nor does it make you less of one just because you don’t want to practice your faith like me.

Because we are all uniquely made by a creative God, He calls us to Him in very different ways.