It’s been a long time since my last post. As in months. Just like riding a bike, some things have stayed with me. Like a need to tell my story. And friends who won’t let me forget that I have a story to tell. Also, I hit the half way point in my thirties last week and that gave me some things on which to look back.

So I’m back. And with me is that old nagging sensation of fear. I’ve learned a few things about fear. I know it has no place here. If I choose to walk in victory, then fear will flee. I’ve also learned that naming the fear makes it smaller.

For my first blog post in a long while, I’m gonna list the reasons I’m afraid to write and share my thoughts. Maybe knowing I have fears will help you face yours.

1. What if someone else has the same thing to say and they say it better?

2. What if no one cares?

3. What if someone cares a lot on the opposite end of the spectrum from me? And then they tell me?

4. What if I disappoint someone?

5. What if I stop again?

Those are the big five. So they’re out there for everyone to see. And I’m punching them in the face.

See you next time



Truth Setting

Quote: “You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

Bonus Quote: “They overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of their Testimony.” Revelation 12:11

This mornings run had a lot of songs about freedom playing along. It was music by Mandisa, DC Talk and Toby Mac. That led me to think about sharing and being set free in that sharing. It’s true, so so true that we are set free when we let go of the secrets and burdens that we hold on to. Like a balloon that flies off into the air when you let go of the string, so are we able to float higher and be a little bit taller when let go of that which weighs us down.

But it’s hard to let go. It’s such a foreign idea, this truth setting. This concept that if we share with one another, share with God somehow our mind will be set at ease, isn’t it? What we’re taught is to keep things to ourselves. That know one else really cares about our burdens. Everyone has their own stuff, they don’t have time for mine. God doesn’t have time for me, He has bigger things to worry about.

Hear this, IT”S NOT TRUE. You ARE God’s bigger thing.

Yes, other people have stuff, but they care. And when we start to share our burdens, that opens up a place for others to open up about their burdens. That is how the work load gets shared. I think so often we convince ourselves that we are the only ones struggling. Everyone else has it all together. That’s just not true. Or maybe we think, I have to much going on, there’s no way I can help someone else. I think we can create some space to listen to one another. Let’s close with this:

“Help carry each other’s burdens. In this way you follow Christ’s teachings.” Galatians 6:2 -GPD’s WORD translation



The Sting

Fun fact: Polar bears have clear fur. Not white.

It was a Sunday night, like any other night. The foot traffic had been slow in the store. I was going about my business folding clothes and putting things in neat piles for my coworkers to put away. I heard customers talking and perusing the clearance section right outside of the fitting room. I walked out to straighten a few things and my manager rushed up to me and said in a quiet voice, You see those two ladies over there? The one has a large black purse that has nothing in it. I think they are going to steal something. Keep an eye on them.” Then, my manager walked away. I kept straightening up the clothes. I was trying not be all shifty eyed and obvious but it’s hard to not be shifty eyed and obvious when you are keeping an eye on someone. I then gave up all pretense of NOT paying attention to these ladies and went over and just started chatting them up. Because as an extrovert, it’s a skill I am quite comfortable with.

The ladies and I exchanged some pleasantries. I commented on her scarf and sense of style. She accepted the compliment and marveled at the clearance selection of shoes. Then, she and her friend made her way over to another part of the store. I exhaled a breath I didn’t realize I had been holding. Then, went back to straightening the clearance section and watching the ladies move thru the store. I noticed another associate also chatting up the ladies. Our associate was pretending to shop alongside these women in case she could actually see them put something in one of their large purses. As I walked back to the fitting room, I wondered about these women who were potentially stealing. Why would they do that? Is a stack of onesies and a pair of shoes really worth time in jail? What brings a person to such a desperate place? Is there something so broken inside that this seems like their only option?

I saw the two customers head up to the front of our store at a rapid pace. One of them had a walkie talkie and had heard the manager call mall security. The one with the walkie talkie was also a mall employee who had been working. She and her friend had gone to several stores. Stealing merchandise and hustling out of the stores when they heard the call for the security guard.

It just depressed me. Now this woman who was stealing clothes doesn’t have a job. Her kids are gonna be affected by this. Her ability to find honest employment is going to be almost non-existent. I know it was her choice to steal. And it was obvious that this wasn’t a whim. There was a plan in place. But I go back to my earlier questions. What brings a person to this place? Is it learned? Is it narcissism? Is it really out of need? I don’t mean these accusingly. I honestly wish I knew so that I could help.



How you know it’s time to delete the Facebook app from your phone

Random tidbit: Boys like potty humor. And so do girls. If you figure out a way to teach moderation in using potty humor, I welcome your suggestions.

If you have a smart phone or a tablet of some kind, than you probably have a Facebook account. If you have a Facebook account, you probably have the app for your smart phone or tablet. Maybe I am wrong, but in case I’m not, here is a quiz to see if it may be time to delete your Facebook app from your phone or tablet.

1. Your face has a permanent glow, and it’s not from pregnancy.

2. Your child thinks that scrolling thru status updates is a game.

3. Every time you stop at a traffic light, you check your phone for notifications.

4. You check your page at the bottom of the stairs and then again once you have walked up the stairs, just in case

5. You hear one child say to another, “Just a minute, Mom is checking Facebook.”

6. Your husband, family members and friends know they can post on your wall to get your attention.

7. When referring to yourself, you speak in the third person. (Even if you don’t have a Facebook app and do this it’s only funny the first two or three times.)

8. You find yourself mentally ‘liking’ what you hear in conversations.

9. People stop calling or texting you and just send you Facebook messages.

10. The app is the first thing you check in the morning and the last thing you check at night. Even after saying good night to your spouse, you still check your app just one more time….


0-3 You seem to have a good grasp on reality. Facebook is not your primary source of information gathering and you value people over technology. Feel proud of yourself for not being obsessed with fame, fortune and the need to know everyone’s business.

4-7 While Facebook is something you keep up on, it’s not the biggest priority in your life. Good for you for having a balanced approach at life between technology and the people you spend time with.

8-10 You are in serious danger of becoming a recluse. You are obsessed with technology and should probably consider deleting your app. If your friends haven’t already tried an intervention with you, than maybe you should go get some help.



blurry eyes

Random fact: I took some kind of dance lessons for 12 years. I like to move it, move it.

This weekend our home town was at it’s best. The weather was a humid-less mid-seventies, the leaves are turning and just beginning to flutter to the ground. We went a few walks this weekend. My mom came to visit. It was an all around fabulous weekend.

Sunday afternoon we attended the local art fair. Various artists had their pottery, paintings and jewelry for sale. There was woman who made robots from recycle kitchen products. It was all very nice and sweet. The local university was also there. They had free crafts for the kids to make. So each of our older kids made a pair of sunglasses. They were made from poster board, cellophane and various other crafty materials. I am sure you could find them on Pinterest if you look long enough. Like I said, the kids each made some sunglasses.

Our older child loved the glasses. He carefully applied his stamps and stickers. Tracing the inside rim with his glue and carefully placing the cellophane over the lens opening. Then he proudly wore them around the Art Fair. He had to walk slowly around. Not quite sure where to step since he couldn’t see very well thru the yellow lenses. The only time they were taken off when he needed to be sure of his steps on the play ground.

Our younger son also took time in making his glasses. He applied his stamps. And glued around the rims. Then, when the glasses were finished, he put the glasses on and immediately took them back off. He said the glasses gave him ‘blurry eyes.’ It was to hard to see thru the lenses. He had picked a dark blue cellophane. So everything had the tint of being underwater.

Isn’t that life? You could say our experiences are the lenses we view life thru. And new experiences change the color of our lenses. One person can see life thru yellow cellophane. Viewing challenges as a chance to learn. A new opportunity. Others, can see life thru a dark blue cellophane. Meaning life is difficult. Challenges are obstacles, not opportunities.

We each have a choice in how we view the world. A perspective to take in how things look. As we gain new experiences, read different books. Walk alongside others, this can change the lens of our perspective.

I think as I have gone thru life, so far. My lenses have been different colors. Sometimes they were yellow or pink and it was easy to see the path I should choose. Or I was at least excited about the challenges that lay ahead of me. Other times, I feel my lenses were almost black. And I was stumbling along in the dark. Making it almost impossible to make even the smallest choices in life. But as I went forward and reached out for help in the dark times, my lenses began lightening up. It was as if asking others for advice and surrendering myself to Jesus changed the color of my lenses. Making my outlook a little sunnier. A little easier to see thru.
What about you? What color are you looking at the world thru?