Monkey See Monkey Do

We may all be familiar with the saying monkey see, monkey do. Meaning some, most of us, emulate the behavior we see around us. Particularly if the person we are mimicking has a strong personality or authority over us.

This is never more true than with children. Every single day kids are acting like the people around them. Trying to figure out how to be in different situations. I think this is the most scary thing about parenting.

I know that I have some really great qualities. I also know I have some pretty great flaws. Like my temper (0-100 in about 3 seconds), the way I handle stress (I like to avoid it and tend to hide out with my shows) and my obsessiveness (once I start something it needs to be finished). I see all three of these things in my kids. My oldest is a snapper like me. The middle one is obsessive and my youngest is a teller too.

So those three little monkeys are my warning. I desire nothing but the best for my kids and that they would learn from me that things could be done differently. That we don’t have to always take every characteristic, good or bad, and mimic.

It’s hard to overcome what we observe and take into ourselves. But we can take steps to analyze ourselves and change the course of our direction with accountability and grace.



A few of my least favorite things

Random Tidbit: If you’re happy and you know it, raise your hand. How many of you just did that? Hmmmm?

Because I have been wrestling with all these thoughts this week, I thought I would go a little lighter on my post this morning. And I am kind of tired so I didn’t want to wear myself out going over my thoughts on community and Jesus. Trying to keep it real, folks.

Here is a list of things I don’t care for.

1. Restaurants that hand out balloons to kids. Or that hand out anything to kids. We can afford to go out to eat, does it really look like the red balloon you have for offer is going to be the only source of joy for my child’s life? I hope not.

2. People who ask if my child can have a piece of candy when my child is standing right in front of them. I have done this, and find it equally detestable in myself.

3. Rodents. I don’t mind bugs. Snakes are fine behind glass. But rodents are gross. Who carried the black plague around Europe? Yup, rodents.

4. Grape flavored things. Kool-aid, juice, gum, rock candy if it’s grape flavored, forget about it.

5. Black flies. Again, disease and pestilence is spread by these tiny little creatures. The buzzing sound hits a special nerve in my brain reserved for loud shrieking and whining kids.

6. I don’t like disappointing people. But tend to do it more than I care to admit.

7. Mean people who use coarse language. There’s really not a better way to say that?

8. Diet pop or diet foods. The fake sugar gives me a head ache. You can read about that here.

9. When I have to come in or go out during a presentation, song or reading. Maybe it’s a hold over from my collegiate choir days. We were taught it was bad etiquette to leave or come in during a performance.

10. Late nights. I have never been a fan of the all-nighter. Yes, I have been a part of them and they are a lot of fun. But not much good has ever come between the hours of midnight and the wee hours of the morning. Most of the trouble I have been in or done has been in that little stretch of time. No offense to you night people. 🙂