Fun Fact: Starfish don’t have brains. Explains a lot.

Let me start by saying I’m a people person, so I don’t mind being around people. I love the feeling of gathering with friends and discussing life and laughing together. If there is a party happening, I want to be there. Heck, I usually am the one throwing the party so I can be with everyone.

But sometimes, I need to be alone. Sometimes, I need rest. Most of the time I don’t realize I need rest until I am already depleted. More often someone else, like my husband or a close friend, will tell me I look exhausted and I should get some rest. Or I will break down into a puddle of tears because I just can’t handle it anymore. Or I will lash out in anger at all these people needing things from me. These people primarily being my husband and kids. Much like the toddler who has been forced to stay up longer than she should, I can have an epic tantrum/meltdown when I get overextended.

I need to recognize what the signs are for me. And how to prevent the overtired meltdowns from happening. Because it’s not fair to my husband and kids or my close friends that I am real with to be the bearers of my tiredness rage.

What are the signs? Irritability. Checking out. An extreme reaction to a minor problem. Making drastic changes to my schedule all at once. I eat a lot when I am tired. Making poor entertainment choices. I tend to make all kinds of judgements and just over all bad choices in life when I’m tired. I’m just being real here folks.

How can I prevent this.

1. For me, I need to have at least one day a week that I don’t leave the house or do anything. Yes, I will still pay attention to everyone and meet the needs of my kids and husband. That means my house is not spotless seven days a week. I figure a sane mind is better than a spotless sink. It also means we are probably having nachos or cereal for dinner.

2. I have a regular ‘date’ with a group of friends that we can discuss and process things with. I have some prayer warriors in my life that really mean it when they say “How are ya?” These ladies are a gift. I want to be that for others as well.

3. I go to bed at a reasonable time. I know that if I don’t get my sleep it tends to effect everyone else.

4. Eat some chocolate.

It’s about balance. About finding the right amount of time to pour into others and allowing others to pour into me. There is always work to be done. And commitments to be met. But I really think we need to take a cue from the Bible and have a day of rest. A day to sit back and reflect on all that God has done or is doing.