The Importance of Rest

I have a theory. It’s not that unique or originally, but I think it’s important. And I think it’s applicable to a variety of people at all different stages of life.

I think we all just need to take a nap.

But even typing out those words I feel guilty. As someone who has lived in the Midwest my entire life I feel a deep need to be productive. And by productive I mean busy. Because idle hands are the devils playground and we wouldn’t want that. There is an assumption that I work hard to combat. That taking a rest or not constantly working on something means I am being lazy. But I’m crying foul.

I have noticed that the more I focus on all that needs to be done, the more overwhelmed it becomes to me. I run around trying to take care of all the stuff and I become more and more like a hamster stuck on a wheel. Just going around and around. Always working on things but never getting them done. I try to pay attention to everything and yet focus on nothing.

But then if I take a step back and just decompress, it helps bring life back into perspective. Sometimes taking a day off from the frenetic pace of life is a necessity. It gives me some time to calm down and focus on what needs to be done. This could mean taking an afternoon and watching my favorite shows or reading a book. Sometimes it means taking a literal day and going to a coffee house and relaxing. It takes a little bit of forethought and planning, but I promise it is worth it.

How do you step back from life and get perspective?