Have you seen this creature?

Random tidbit: I have been avoiding most gluten for the last two weeks. It’s made me feel better. You should give it a try.

Hello Friends! Did you know that today was the first day of Spring? I didn’t either until I heard on the radio yesterday that today would be that first day. The day that gets us all thru the gray and dreary days of winter that is the Mid-west. A day when spring flowers like daffodils and crocuses start peeking their timid heads out of the ground. A day when the average temp starts to climb to around forty-five degrees.

But none of that is happening right now. In fact, I think we have all been deceived. It’s freakin’ cold outside. Their is ice on the ground and any flowers that dared to poke their pretty little heads up have been frozen and killed. I call foul. And here is my culprit. If you see him, please notify the authorities immediately.


I hope you all have a good day. I know some of you are already enjoying the fine warmer temps that come with Spring. Hopefully, we will be enjoying those temps too.



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